Adoption Fee:  $250
Adoption Fee for Senior dogs/long-term fosters: $100

These individual cases are indicated with the dog's information below.

Once you have adopted you will be listed as a "Friend of the SCBC" and be included in our email communications and recieve all the support we can offer. 

A membership application will be included in your adoption packet and we hope you will join with a paid membership at the time you sign your adoption agreement.



All SCBC available hounds are spayed/neutered, current on their shots and heartworm prevention, and are micro chipped. We register the chips with a AKC CAR which has a life-time registry with no fees.

Bloodhounds in our program are home fostered which allows us to get good assessments on their temperament, personalities, etc.   Please talk with your adoption coordinator to determine what dogs are available and which one might be the right fit for your family. 

Adoption applications usually take just a couple of days to process.  If you like a dog that is not in your state help with transportation arrangements can be made for an adoption.

We also do foster-to-adopt.  For information on our foster program please click on Foster A Bloodhound

If you are interested in adopting a bloodhound please download an application:  

Electronic Adobe App Form Version

Regular PDF App Version

Please return your application to adopt@southcentralbloodhounds.org 
or mail to:
Emily Williams
P.O. Box 1772
Fayetteville, AR 72702

Rescue Director
Emily Williams


To see what our available dogs have been up to in their foster homes, please visit our Facebook Page


        photo 1                      
           photo 2
Through no fault of her own, Miss Rita has returned to our program. Rita can be summed up in one word: sweet, sweet, sweet! She gets along with everyone and just wants to be loved. She is housebroken and crate triained. Rita will play with other dogs and loves to sleep on the couch or bed with you. She is fine with kitties inside but will bark at them if outside of the fence.  She has had a rough go in life and deserves to have a forever retirement home of her own. You can't go wrong with Rita, she is as steady as they come.

*Rita will probably have medical needs for her ears for the rest of her life.


            Olive 1

            undefinedOlive 2
Olive and her partner were picked up as strays on a farm.  Both were in rough shape though Olive was worse.  Olive had a 4 inch growth on her foot, tumors on her mammary gland, and needed to add about 15 pounds.  And when we did her spay we discovered severely deformed puppies.  She had been bred multiple times, her canine teeth are worn to half their length though we believe her to only be around 4 years of age.  And yet her desire to be with humans and be loved is huge.  She had no idea what it was to be in a house but now that she has discovered how nice it can be she doesn't want to go far.  She just wants to be comfortable and loved.  

It was recently discovered that Olive has an eye condition.  She is having surgery soon to correct the issue, but it is unclear whether or not her vision will be completely restored.

                        ISABELLE- "IZZY"
   Izzy 1   Izzy 3

Introducing Isabelle " Izzy". A sweet, vibrant and beautiful 2 year old girl. Izzy had a rough start in life but is thriving and adapting to how a bloodhound should be treated. She gives the best hugs at standing position and requires lots of kisses and ear scratching. She loves toys, gets along well with other dogs and children. Izzy does not do well with cats or chickens.

Her foster parents quickly realized she had a great nose and is currently working on tracking and trailing.


Delilah is in search of her forever home after her owners could no longer afford to care for her.  She is an amazing and loving girl that craves attention.  She loves to play, walks well on a leash, and is housebroken.  She has some occasional territorial issues with other dogs when it comes to food and toys, but otherwise gets along well with other dogs.  She is great with children!  She does well with dogs of all sizes and shared a home with a dachshund.  She has not been around cats. 


Ellie is a beautiful and extremely loving and affectionate girl!  She gets along great with dogs and kids of all sizes.  She would make a great companion for almost any family!  Ellie, like most bloodhounds, does struggle with food aggression and toy possessiveness.  Her foster is currently working with her to overcome this. 

Ellie and Loretta (another bloodhound available through SCBC Rescue) have been fostered in the same home and are great friends.  While they can be adopted individually, if you were interested in two females, they make a great pair!


Loretta is a very energetic, young girl!  Despite the unfortunate circumstances of being bounced from house to house, she is pretty resilient and remains a sweet and fun-loving dog.  She seems to do well with dogs and children.  Being as energetic as she is, Loretta would benefit from a home with a large yard or even someone that enjoys long walks or runs.  She will make a great companion for most families! 

Loretta and Ellie (another hound available through SCBC Rescue) are great friends and would be a good pair if you would be interested in adopting two bloodhounds, but they would also do well if adopted out separately.  

                    JESSIE & HAM (Bonded Pair)



Jessie is a sweet, soft girl. She love attention but needs a little time to adjust.  She is very easy to walk and will do better in a home with another dog.  She is said to have some food aggression but her fosters aren't seeing any.

           HAM2   Ham


Ham is Jessie's son but he has a very different temperament.  He is very active and needs someone who can direct and manage his personality.  He is very sweet and loving, just needs someone who can be busy with him.  He would benefit from having another dog to burn energy. 
    ***Jessie & Ham must be adopted together***



                     Hector 2 
Hector came to SCBC after spending over a month in a shelter in NM and seemed to have a rough go of it.  Hector is currently on the mend and is looking for his forever home.  He walks well on a leash and is a pretty easy going and sweet guy. 


                   Logan 1 

Logan is a playful and loving young man.  If you like a dog that loves attention, playing, and snuggling on the couch, he may be the perfect fit.  He had a rough start in his early life, but is proving to be an amazing companion.  Logan will require a patient owner that is a firm believer in positive reinforcement.  He is crate trained, walks well on a leash, and housebroken.  Logan also does extremely well with children.  He has seen cats and not shown any aggression, but never been in close quarters with a cat.

                              MAGGIE MAY

              Maggie May 2
Maggie is an older dog.  We think she may have been owned by an older person as she appears to have been an inside dog who is loved but recently neglected.  She will need work on her teeth and to have a mammary tumor removed but is ready to go back to being someone's love.  She is a very small girl but has a big heart.


URGENT FOSTER NEEDED-  We've just taken this girl in and it turns out she is a hot mess. The vet has diagnosed her with demodectic mange (not contagious) is heartworm positive, has whip worms, and an eye that has an odd disease that isn't causing problems now but will probably result in the loss of the eye. Her ears are nasty but will clear up, they're being packed. It is going to be a long haul and we're still looking for a foster who is able to deal with the issues, preferably in the Frisco, TX (DFW) area so we can get treatments at the clinic there. Anyone interested let me know. Fenced yard required. There is an application under Files. We really need to find someone who can foster quickly.  She seems to get along with other dogs fine, don't know about cats.  She is also available for adoption if her new family is willing to see her through her treatments (which we pay for).


              Nellie 3 
Nellie came to SCBC as an owner surrender where the owner stated that they did not have time to care for her.   She spent her days tied out on a chain in the yard with very little affection and interaction.  Despite her lack of human/animal interaction, she seems to be well-adjusted and craves love and attention.  She does well with children, cats, and other dogs.  Nellie is also housebroken, crate trained, walks well on a leash, and loves to ride in the car.  She is a very energetic young girl and would do well in a home that can provide her with lots of attention and exercise.  Nellie will need a tall fence as she can and will jump over to go explore!


             OBIE 1 
For all you senior hound lovers meet "OL" Obie. We believe him to be around 8 years old.
His owner passed away and he was surrendered to a shelter. When he arrived with us he was grieving,ill, scared and totally shut down. He quickly attached to his Foster dad and slowly began to thrive. Heartwarming to see how far this ol' boy has come. He is very affectionate gives great kisses and loves belly rubs. He gets along with everyone he meets. Does great with kids but would prefer he go to a quieter home. Has not been tested around cats. Obie asks for only 3 things-- a comfy place to lay his head, lots of love and a forever home.



                  Sofie 2
Sofie is as laid back as they come.  She is great with dogs (big and small) and loves kids!  There is a great debate about her age, but no one can be sure as she did come from the shelter with no information.  The vet estimate her to be around 5-6 years old, but the microchip date indicates that she is at least 9.  She’s a great companion and loves to snuggle! 

Sofie is crate-trained, housebroken, and up-to-date on her vaccinations.  She does have some broken teeth that she is scheduled to have extracted, but eats hard and soft food with no issues.  She is heartworm positive and will need to go through her treatment before she continues her journey to her forever home.  

Cooper is a loving and energetic boy.  He does well with other dogs, kids, and all humans!  Cooper is housebroken.

Cooper has the potential to be a great working hound!


             Luke 1
Luke is about as easy going as they come.  He loves to be the center of attention and will even pose for pictures.  This has made him the poster dog for South Central Bloodhound Club & Rescue events!  Luke is very high energy and strong willed, but in the proper home, will make an excellent companion.

Lucy was taken in by a family to be a companion to a disabled husband.  After a month, he decided that he didn’t like her and she was forced to spend her days in a kennel at the man’s mother-in-law’s house.  The mother-in-law reached out to SCBR because it was clear that Lucy needed a little more love in her life.  

                Katrina 2
Katrina is a new arrival and we are just finding out more about her.  We do know that she is heartworm positive and a very gently gal!

                     Holly 1
Holly is a new arrival and we are just finding out more about her.  We do know that she is heartworm positive and appears to be extremely sweet!
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